Portfolio post

Wakiro is a portfolio theme, so it's more reasonable to make a quick portfolio posts overview first. To create a new post navigate to Portfolio ▸ Add new.

There are a few differences between portfolio, blog posts and pages. Portfolio posts has Hero header like pages and an ability to use "Split" post template, but with own features. Also you are able to control an appearance on the portfolio page via "Thumbnail settings" options.

By default, portfolio post title locates in the Hero header of a single post, but you can hide it and add to the content area manually and wrap in <h1> tag. If you there is a slideshow, post title appears in the first slide.

Blog post

Actually, blog posts has the same functionality as in any free theme. There is a helpful explanation in WordPress Codex article. You just need to pay attention to post format settings.


If you are using shortcodes or "Layout Helper" builder for adding content to posts, it's highly recommended to use native "Excerpt" meta box. Text from this field will be visible in posts on the blog page, search results and used for Open Graph Meta Tags (sharing).