Individual settings

Every page or post has individual page settings. Some of these duplicate Appearance ▸ Customize options to get more flexibility in the page design and features while Customize settings are global. But, there are also many unique options, you might need to configure in order to build full-featured pages/posts.

Hero header

Plain page has 3 tabs in the "Settings" options panel: "Hero header", "Branding" and "Sidebar and footer".

Custom description

This tab allows to set up hero header appearance on the page.

Add a short page description. Press [Shift]+[Enter] to add line breaks (<br> tag) if you need it. Note that <h1> tag comes first for providing semantic page markup. You can select certain tag in "Formats" dropdown menu, choose font size (it's fluid/responsive to ensure that even huge page description text looks good on mobile), modify "line-height" CSS property and convert text to all uppercase letters. Also, you can change font family via neighbour select box. All these custom settings are availabe in the page or post editor.


This option defines page description alignment inside the hero header. If featured image or slideshow weren't added, horizontal alignment ("* left", "* center" or "* right") applies only.


You can add slides in this section. Select "Custom set" option, if you want to add slides manually. Every slide has the following settings:


Upload jpeg/gif/png image.

Mp4 video

It's optional. You can upload mp4 file besides image to show video instead. This implies that the picture, added above, is the first frame of your video.

Image luminance

Let theme decide, what page description and site header colors to apply, or select image brightness manually.

Fill mode

This setting is the same as in Appearance ▸ Customize ▸ Hero settings. The only difference - "Global" option which means that Customize option value will be applied.

Background color

Set slide background color. Dominant color of the image is preferred. Generally, if an average tone of the image is light, set light background. If it's dark one - select darker.

Optionally, you can also add slide caption.

Enter url of a target page.

Enable if you need the link to be opened in a new browser window/tab (depends on browser and its settings).


Enter a slide title to this field.


Enter a short slide description.


Select caption alignment.

Please don't enter too much caption text, if you're planning to add a page description, because slide caption will be moved to the left bottom corner of the hero header to ensure that a well-organized layout is presented. Otherwise, it may not fit the page width, especially on small mobile screens. Always save your changes and check the final result.

Alternatively, you can switch to "Portfolio posts" option to use featured images or first slide (which depends on single post settings configuration) as slides. Additionally, you can manually create a posts selection.

Slideshow settings


Set a slideshow delay (milliseconds). Default value "0" disables autoplay completely.


Slideshow animation type. Switch between "Slide" and "Fade" transitions.

Dynamic background

This option determines whether the slide background ("Background color" option) is static, i.e. every slide is colored separately, or it does change background color smoothly during "slide" animation between two neighbor slides. It's better to disable this option, if every image/video fills the whole available space (slide "Cover" option) of the hero slideshow. This option isn't visible when slide transition type has been set to "Fade".

Infinite mode

Enable or disable infinite scrolling (loop).


Here you can modify page colors and upload custom logo.


These settings duplicate the similar set of options at Appearance ▸ Customize ▸ Colors. So, you can override colors, using Color Picker.

Upload a separate custom logotype, if it's a requirement within your creative ideas. "Alt logo" and "Alt retina logo" are optional, but you have to upload these, if hero image and page background have different luminance, i.e. when page background is dark, but hero image is light, for example.

Sidebar and Footer

These settings duplicate the similar set of options at Appearance ▸ Customize ▸ Sidebar and footer. You can select certain widget area to attach it to this page exclusively.

Template specific settings

Almost every WordPress theme has unique page templates. So, Wakiro theme have specific settings that appear in the "Settings" panel while switching between different templates.


"Portfolio" tab

As you can see on the screenshot, there is a separate "Portfolio" tab, because current page template is "Portfolio".


You can select certain categories to display only posts from these on this page. This is very useful, if you need to create a few separate portfolio pages that display custom posts selection.

Posts per page

Specify number of portfolio posts per one page.

Actually, it's not a separate tab, but this option is only available, if "Showcase" has been selected as page template. You need to enter custom text for the content link label. More information about it can be found in the "Showcase" template overview.

Show Google Map

This option becomes avalable, if selected page template is "Split". Read more about this template here please.


Switch between 3 map types: "ROADMAP", "SATELLITE" and "HYBRID".

Enter latitude and and lingitude to the fields below.


Modify an initial map zoom level (0-18).

Make sure that you've added Google Maps API Key (Appearance ▸ Customize ▸ Miscellaneous ▸ Google Maps) in order to get the map working.

Post type specific settings

There are a few differences between available settings on pages and posts. It's due to post type and its features. We will review portfolio post options first.

Hero header

This post type has almost the same options in the "Settings" panel as page, but it doesn't have "Page description" field.

Unlike on pages, where the featured image is always presented in the slideshow (if it was uploaded, of course), you can decide to show it or not on single portfolio posts. It's a very helpful option, if you want to display featured image of the post on your projects page, but would like to exclude it from the single post. So, just deactivate the option and it's done.


Show or hide post title. Note that if you want to hide the post title, you need to compensate the loss. So, you should add post title manually to the content editor and wrap it in <h1> tag.

Title alignment

Select alignment. Global option can be reviewed at Appearance ▸ Customize ▸ Hero ▸ Post title alignment.

Thumbnail settings

Overlay image

Upload overlay image that's visible on hover over the main thumbnail on the portfolio page.

Single blog post has no "Hero header" tab in the "Settings" panel.


Blog post supports post formats such as "Video" and "Audio". If any of these formats is enabled, new "Embed" tab appears.

Enter a video/audio link url. Check WordPress codex to find sites, you are able to embed from.