If you want to view your website in another language, you need to translate the theme. There are many english words and sentences by default, so you can change these in a two quite similar ways.

Translate with Poedit app

1. Switch your site language here: Settings ▸ General ▸ Site Language

2. Download and install the app.

3. Open wakiro/languages directory and you will see "wakiro.pot" file.

4. Open Poedit app. Navigate to File ▸ New from POT/PO file... and select wakiro.pot file. Select you language in the dialog box.

5. Translate all available strings.

6. Navigate to File ▸ Save As... Open ISO Language Code Table to get your code. My code is be-BY, so I should name it be_BY.

You will see two new files in the catalog be_BY.po and (example). Now you can upload your new *.mo file to wp-content/themes/wakiro/languages/ on your server.

Translate with Loco Translate

Download and install Loco Translate WordPress plugin. Check installation notes and translate the theme.